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Human 2 

Bold leadership through
crisis and change
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Talent’s annual publication series, Human, brings insights to life through the real experiences of people who are transforming our working world. No stats, no numbers, just raw and honest stories.

In these books, you’ll read deeply personal accounts from people around the world who have all navigated through difficult times. From surviving extraordinarily challenging childhoods, to making it through economic crises, managing imposter syndrome and overcoming personal illnesses, every single one has had their own unique obstacles in the pathway to where they are now.

Their stories are refreshingly raw and vulnerable. Leaving behind the standard corporate jargon, these leaders collectively paint a picture of authenticity and empathy – traits that have always been essential components of leadership, now more important than ever.

Human features participants from Microsoft, ANZ, Uber, Virgin Australia, Telstra, Tableau, Isobar, Ogilvy and Tech Nation among others.

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Talent is a global leader in tech and digital recruitment.

We work with thousands of contract and permanent tech and digital professionals across the globe, in each of the cities represented in this book. Our specialists find talent for promising start-ups, small to medium sized enterprises, public sector organisations and multinational corporations across diverse industry sectors.

Our vision to redefine our industry and our commitment to building a healthy, inclusive company culture for our team have helped us achieve unparalleled success. We’ve had year-on-year growth, received 26 industry awards in the past 10 years, and achieved world-class employee engagement levels.




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Bold leadership through crisis and change

Global perspectives on diversity in tech


There are many important traits that make up a great leader – decisiveness, adaptability, innovation, problem solving and many more. Fairly new to the conversation, empathy as a leadership trait is changing the relationship between leaders and their teams. So, what makes an empathetic leader, and are you one? 


Take our assessment to find out how you stack upon when it comes to the 13 characteristics of empathetic leadership.

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